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As a Woman you were born a Goddess, that naturally makes you a V.I.P. (Valiant. Inspirational. Perfect).  The trouble is life - and some of the people we know in it - tends to make you forget that. Our Gorgeous Goddess VIP Programmes will help you to reclaim your full glorious, fabulous Goddessness!
I will be sharing techniques and products that I have used over the past 25 years with my one-to-one clients, these include; abundance techniques, feng shui tips, manifestation techniques, troubleshooting problems, stress management techniques, nutrition and fitness tips, relationship techniques, healing techniques, fashion and make up tips and so much more. 
I will be sharing my experience gained through years of working with people, not just in a therapeutic context, but also in my previous corporate background of marketing (I had high powered jobs in the fashion, cosmetics & fragrances and food industries), law, and media (television).  These industries were all highly pressurised so I completely understand how stressful your working life can be.  However I learned a great deal and have knowledge and skills from those days that I now use to help my clients present and market themselves in the world.
I know that these techniques work, I have tested them out on myself and completely turned my life around. My Story: A few years ago my life went belly up; everything I had was stripped away from me (on every level) until there was virtually nothing left.  I was underweight, under pressure and very unwell from all the stress in my life. Within 12 months I had met the man I later married, moved into a lovely house, tripled my income, became so happy and content that I put weight on - and everyone said how much better I looked for it, my social life got better as I made more new friends and I have never looked back.  This decade has been the happiest time of my life.
Through my own experience I know that anything is possible (even if the world and/or other people are telling you something different).  I have proven this over and over with my clients and it has been such an honour to work with them and watch them blossom and grow into their full potential.
It is my belief that each one of your needs is of the utmost importance. I am committed to meeting those needs and helping you to satisfy those needs by manifesting the results you want.
I would welcome the opportunity to share this experience with you.
I haven't done it all on my own however, all along the way I have been fortunate enough to meet the right people at the right time who have helped me to steer my own ship.  I am most humbly grateful to all the Elders, teachers, mentors and inspirationalists who have (and continue to) help me.  I have spent tens of thousands of pounds and travelled all around this country and to many other countries to learn from and Be with these wonderful guides.  I know that this investment in myself has been worth every penny as the rewards just keep coming!  I continue to invest in myself in this way by working with mentors as I am open to becoming the best that I can be so that I can offer you a brilliant, up to date and effective service.
I feel that we are all like beautiful flowers, each one of us has the ability to grow and blossom.  Sometimes we need the help of an able gardener who will carefully tend to us, assisting us in eradicating the weeds and brambles so that we can grow to our full beauty and share
it with the world.  That's what I can do for you.  If Women could blossom to their full potential, just imagine what a beautiful garden our world would become!
All you need to do is say yes
If you don't invest in you - who will?
Isn't it time you put You first? 
Isn't it time that you enjoyed all the good things in life? 
Isn't it time for your turn in the spotlight? 
Isn't it time that you felt fulfilled in every area of your life?
You know, life is short, we never know what is around the corner,
so why not enjoy your life fully - 100% - to the max? 
I can show you how.
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